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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Egyptian Elections 2005

Since President Mubarak declared in June his intention to run for a fifth presidency term (run alone obviously) and the entire Egyptian opposition were banging their heads on the wall. Screaming their throats out for another choice, and they all agreed that it’s enough, along with the petitions and the various statements many intellectuals decided to transfer their anger into action...
Few weeks ago around 300 people demonstrated in Cairo against the possibility of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak running for a fifth term in office, denouncing what they called a "hereditary presidency".
In Egypt where the demonstrations in public places are banned, it was the first opposition gathering on institutional reform, an issue that the Egyptian government has said was not its highest priority.
Under the supervison of several hundred helmeted anti-riot police armed with truncheons, protestors held up banners scrawled with: "No to hereditary power," "No to a fifth mandate," and "No to Mubarak, his party and his son."
And unlike it was rumored that the whole thing was organized by the “Muslim Brotherhood”, official MB spokesman declared that they didn’t take part in this demo. Rumors say it was because of the participation of Nawal Saawdawi.
Many others groups are also decided to take their opposition out of the closet, groups such as “People’s Peaceful Front For the Rescue of Egypt”,long name I know but it can be shortened to “SALAM”.

NDP (National Democratic Party) (the ruling party of Egypt) spokesmen appeared on TV channels, saying that this demonstration is a proof of the democratic atmosphere Egyptians are witnessing under Mubarak's regime and the NDP, when everyone is free to speak and say his opinion. This is the gift for president Mubarak to the Egyptians “democracy”. (oh my god I’m touched by their generosity ... I think I’m gonna cry)

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