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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Project for the New American Century and the Neocons

I've always thought that secret societies and devious groups who seek world domination and a new world order are the products of conspiracy theories, fantasies and James Bond movies alone. But it seems that there are such groups in reality, only they are not secret anymore nor they are called devious groups (duh!), but they are rather called “think tanks” or in this case “stink tanks”. The Project for the new American Century (PNAC) is one those so-called “think tanks” political agenda. Its basic aim is for an “American global leadership” through fair means or fouls. The project is founded by a group of intellectuals and politicians most notably are William Kristol, Jeb Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Dick Cheney, Charles Krauthammer, Steve Forbes, Richard Perle and Elliot Abrams, (Did you notice how many of them are the decision-makers in the current American government?) they are what we refer to as the neoconservatives which are made-up of mostly Jewish Democrats and leftists who changed their path to the “right” side (or the wrong side depending on your perception). Their basic principles are to establish a Reganite style of strong military power, imposing foreign policies, and challenging any country against American interests and values. In other words they want to impose the USA on the entire globe by a new movement of timid imperialism.

It might sound reasonable in case you argue that people are free to dominantly think and share their madness with the world. But it becomes unreasonable when their madness is turned into action by the current American government. Post 9/11 and feeding on this tragedy, this group was given a starting point to spread its ideology of domination, through the “war on terrorism” which was justifiable at the beginning (because the USA was attacked by Al-Qaida who resort in Afghanistan) but it became merely a camouflage for their global ideology forcing when it moved to Iraq. Real terrorist like Bin Laden and Co. are still running free, even the radical Taliban are still having strong movement going in Afghanistan... so what did the war on terrorism achieve until now? Nothing but creating more terrorists. You may say we got rid of Saddam and Taliban which is a good thing? well yeah, but on what costs??? It's like freeing the world from Jason (Friday the 13th) by unleashing Hannibal Lecter!!

They are also a pro-Zionist organization believing in Israel (whether it’s religiously or politically) to be the only democracy in the Middle-East and supporting it will fulfill the American aspiration in the region. In contrast to the "old" Conservatives, the Neoconservatives had often come from a liberal Jewish background. Instead of being anti-Semitic, they were rabidly pro-Israel.
“Israel has been and remains America’s staunchest ally against international terrorism, especially in the Middle East. The United States should fully support our fellow democracy in its fight against terrorism. We should insist that the Palestinian Authority put a stop to terrorism emanating from territories under its control and imprison those planning terrorist attacks against Israel. Until the Palestinian Authority moves against terror, the United States should provide it no further assistance” a Letter from PNAC to George W. Bush.
They are failing to notice Israel state sponsored terrorism against Palestinian civilians through their constant bombings of civilians and home demolishing techniques. Check the death tolls of the Palestinian civilians against those of the Palestinian militants.
If you have a good stomach to go through their entire website you will notice that their global agenda policies are moving one by one, as they were named by their Barbie doll Bush the so-called axis of evil... Iraq, next is Iran and North Korea... followed for sure by Syria and who knows maybe we are going to be next here in Egypt, in case Mubarak (already blacklisted for opposing the war on Iraq to please the public opinion) decided to have different policies than the ones dictated by the US (I don't think so too).
Finally, those evil folks while they are waving their democracy and freedom slogans (or missiles) they are still in support of dictatorships all the way from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait till Pakistan.

Here's a good link exposing the PNAC evil project of new imperialism!

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