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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Daniel Pipes Clogged

On April 2003, Islamphobe superstar and extreme Zionist Daniel Pipes was the guest of Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now radio show. One of the questions asked by Amy Goodman was if he supported the internment Japanese Americans in world war II, but the startled holder of Harvard’s doctoral degree in history said “It's not a subject I know enough about to talk about”.

Mr. Pipes took almost a year and a half and after he read the infamous book of the Filipino-American Michelle Malkin In Defense of Internment (she supported the racial profiling and imprisonment of Japanese American citizen in the west coast and realated it to her advocacy of racial profiling of male Arab-Americans in post 9/11 world) to come up with an answer to Goodman’s question and he admitted that he is actually in support of the Japanese internment:-

“This attempt at sandbagging me on the radio not only failed to derail my nomination, but it also failed in a larger sense, for it provoked my curiosity about the Japanese internment and prompted me to read Malkin's book. Now, should anyone ask the same question Goodman did, I can knowledgeably reply: Yes, I do support the internment of Japanese Americans in World War II because, as Malkin shows, "given what was known and not known at the time," the U.S. government made the correct and sensible decisions.”

Apparently, what really Mr. Pipes wanted to say is that he lied about his ignorance of the subject, he just had to wait that long for a book to be written by an Asian-American, so he could respond and wave the subject violently saying "look there is nothing racist about supporting the “Japanese internment” look even an Asian-American wrote the book".

Professor Juan Cole commented on the topic on his “Informed comment” blog: “Pipes's little project requires him to attempt to justify the internment of American citizens (of Japanese ancestry) during World War II, a violation on several grounds of the Bill of Rights. I hope Asian-Americans realize that a key wing of the Republican Party, i.e. the Neoconservatives, wishes them ill.

If the American yahoos ever start putting people in concentration camps, I think we may be assured that they won't stop with the Muslims or the Asians, and Mr. Pipes will come to have reason to regret his imprudence and, frankly, his demonic implication.”

The correct and sensible decisions that Pipes and Malkin are its superseded advocates, argue that when a nation is in war like “America’s war on terrorism”. It is “correct” to hold “Muslims” and “Arabs” under close observation, deprive them of their civil rights or even throw them in internment camps which would be the “sensible” decision. Since Mr. Pipes previously claimed that 15% of Muslims are “potential killers”.( he counted them one by one).

Ironically, Mr. Pipes and other neocons described Ms. Malkin’s book as “as an insightful revisionism of World War II historical facts, but if you ask them what if you open door to another insightful revisionism of World War II Holocaust, they will label you as a “Holocaust Denier”. Yet, the right-wing disclaim “bigotry and racist” charges against Ms. Malkin simply because she an Asian-American, so, what’s next? – a book called In Defense of Slavery by Condoleeza Rice, that will be dismissed as “racist” because Condi is an African-American.

It’s not new of Mr. Pipes to come up with his bigotry theory to support the Japanese internment in World War II, giving his following chauvinist resume:-

-By the mid-1980s, Pipes had settled in Philadelphia and assumed the directorship of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, a conservative think tank out of which the Middle East Forum would eventually emerge. While there, he served as editor of the think tank's journal, Orbis, which in 1988 published "The Baghdad Alternative." The article, by Laurie Mylroie, advocated bolstering US ties to Saddam Hussein. There is little doubt Pipes agreed with her thesis; a year earlier, he co-wrote an article with Mylroie in The New Republic, "Back Iraq," that also argued for a US alliance with Saddam.
-In 1990, Pipes seemed to endorse a similar proposal, dismissing the underlying assumption of the road map and the failed Oslo peace process. He wrote that it was "either naïve or duplicitous" to think that two states could exist between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Now, according to his website, Pipes believes that a two-state solution could work, but only after a complete Palestinian surrender.
-In 1990, Pipes said: "Western European societies are unprepared for the massive immigration of brown-skinned peoples cooking strange foods and maintaining different standards of hygiene... All immigrants bring exotic customs and attitudes, but Muslim customs are more troublesome than most.
-Post 9/11, Pipes said” There is no escaping the unfortunate fact that Muslim government employees in law enforcement, the military, and the diplomatic corps need to be watched for connections to terrorism, as do Muslim chaplains in prisons and the armed forces. Muslim visitors and immigrants must undergo additional background checks. Mosques require a scrutiny beyond that applied to churches, synagogues and temples. Muslim schools require increased oversight to ascertain what is being taught to children”.
-In 2003, Pipes said that the Israeli military must force what he describes as a "change of heart" by the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza -- a sapping of the Palestinian will to fight which can lead to a complete surrender. "How is a change of heart achieved? It is achieved by an Israeli victory and a Palestinian defeat," Pipes continued. "The Palestinians need to be defeated even more than Israel needs to defeat them.". Few days after Pipes spouted these previous disturbing comments President Bush nominated Pipes to the board of the United States Institute of Peace, a Congressionally sponsored think tank dedicated to "the peaceful resolution of international conflicts".

And Back to our “Japanese internment” subject, Pipes failed to explain why he defamed and attacked Gamal Abdel Nasser in this particular issue.. i.e. “the Jews imprisonment and forced immigration from Egypt after the 1967 war”. Egypt was in war with Israel and according to Pipes principle of racial profiling it was “sensible” for the Egyptian Government to kick the Jews out. While many progressive and liberal Arabs/Egyptians defined this policy by Nasser’s regime as ruthless and unjust, Pipes and Malkin along with other right wingnuts are still defenders of these policies as it serves their own goals. Can you say “Neo-Fascists”?

This is just another example of Daniel Pipes hypocrisy and bigotry that became a common theme for the right-wing conservatives.

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