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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Mahmoud Abbas and the conflict legacy

On 9 January 2005, Palestinians elected Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) as president of the Palestinian Authority. Abu Mazen claimed victory over six other candidates with 62 percent of the vote. Now, the world is waiting in anticipation to see how Abu Mazen is going to work and how will Sharon perceive his counterpart? What will happen to the peace negotiations?
In order to come up with answers we have no excuse but to come up with rhetoric questions like will that mean Sharon with his new government coalition of the “left apologists” Peres will stop undermining Abu Mazen (a policy going on from the first day of the election campaign)?
Call me a pessimistic but I don’t think so… the ability of Abu Mazen to put an end to the militant struggle and unite the Palestinians fractions is limited, since the nature of extremists in Likud that don’t want him to succeed in that and they will try all they have to provoke another uprising, thus ending the Gaza pullout.
The smear campaign against Abu Mazen started before Arafat’s death and before his bid for presidency of the PA, during his short PM era he was a victim of Israeli and right-wing, they did label him with their favorite accusation slander of being an anti-semite:-

“Abbas, or Abu Mazen as he is also known, is perceived by some, including the president (Bush), as a "moderate" hope for peace.
I do not agree with this assessment. In fact, Abbas is a fraud. Abbas is evil in his own right. Abbas is a deceiver. Abbas is an anti-Semite and a hater. And I can prove it”. Joseph Farah (WorldNetDaily)

Plus the occasional smears published in Haaretz and other Zionist media about his so-called terrorist past and Holocaust denying.

So, if Sharon is expecting from Abu Mazen to silence his extremists, he should start by silencing his own first (which won't work just by hiring Labor party apologists). In order to have peace talks, there must be certain procedures that should apply for both sides, but the Sharonic way of putting all the pressure on the Palestinians won’t work even with Abu Mazen.

Someone asked about Al- Aqsa intifada, well here you go:-

Barak’s “Generous” proposal and the second Initfada (Al-Aqsa).

I have been hearing all around about why the Palestinians refused the so-called Barak’s generous offer? And how the Israelis and the right-wing show it as Peace rejection and that all the Palestinians want is “the destruction of Israel”. Now, lets see how generous this offer was on real grounds. According to Oslo accords the real generosity came from the Palestinian compromise as they accepted 22% (Gaza and the West Bank) of historical Palestine as for their state while giving the Israelis 78%. What Barak came proposing in Taba is that 70 or 69 of the Israelis settlements in the West Bank, would be annexed as blocs to Israel. This means taking a 10% out of the Palestinian 22%. These settlements intercepts with roads that link to Palestinian city which means it will make the daily transportation for the Palestinians will be a living hell. Followed, by another proposal regarding the rest of settlements as they will be under “Temporarily Israelis control” for indefinite time until evacuation (this could mean 100 of years). That’s like taking another 10% out of the Palestinian 22%... leaving the Palestinians with 80% of their 22% that would be broken further by Israeli checkpoints and roadblocks to protect these settlements. So, Palestine is expected to become a full nation along with its trading routes, farms etc on these broken pieces of a Jigsaw puzzle!!

No nation in this world that has honor will accept this as a solution; Israel is acting like a Master throwing bread crumbs to his slaves, sorry, but the Palestinians are not slaves and after all the injustice happened to them over the course of history they deserve a better offer.
Don’t argue with me that Israel have the “upper hand” with all it’s technology, money and power and the Palestinians should have accepted what they got… because Palestinians have another choice which is resistance till the last man standing! And certainly Israel won’t be able to eliminate all the Palestinians while the world is watching... Pragmatism has to be stopped when it steps on the boundaries of dignity.

Now, this Barak’s failed offer, along with constant buildings in West Bank
settlements, constant harrasment by the IDF for the local Palestinian populations near Israeli settlements and finalized by Sharon’s closure of Al-Aqsa mosque in his provocative visit.. set the field for a second Intifada.

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