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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Nawal El Saadawi for President?

I got a couple of emails from guys asking me whom would I vote for in the Egyptian election 2005 (that's if we had a miracle constitution change), since our current constitution states that no one can be a candidate for elections without the prior approval of two thirds of a Parliament, and since our Parliament members are more than 90% NDP (President Mubarak's party) then this is just wishful thinking!

So, they gave me a list of names of people liable to run for presidency, among these names you can find, Amr Moussa, Saad Eldin Ibrahim, Nawal El Saadawi, Khaled Mohey Eldin and Abdel Halim Qandil.

Personally I think as Egyptians we could do better than that, where are the Younger people, we need new progressive thoughts and visions (but not Gamal Mubarak's)
So, I narrowed my choices into two and they are Amr Moussa and Nawal El Saadawi... and why I rejected the others? Well, I believe Saad Eddin Ibrahim is a big flip-flopper a la Kerry style, In the sixties he was a Nasserite traveled to the US and he returned a capitalist, he opposed to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, later on he welcomed it, and now he's an advocate for a complete neutralization of relations with Israel. One day he affiliates himself with minorities issues, and he throws stones at Islamists but the other day he affiliates himself with a reconciliation program with the "Muslims Brotherhood" . I don't know what grounds he stands on now and although his political agenda is superb I don't want to choose a guy and find him affiliating himself with the Church of Satan the nextday.

And as for Qandil, it is simple he’s a guy who’s hanging to old thoughts refusing to move forward and refusing to see the light beyond Nasser.

As For Khaled Mohey Eldeen, no thank you we don't want a communist state.

Which bring us to Amr Moussa, I think he’s an okay guy, I respect him and he’s got an incredibly good charisma, plus he takes no bullshit from the US nor Israel. He also advocates for an Arab unity through timid principles and ideas, which what we really need right now. But I can't get over his affiliation with the current regime as a former Foreign Minister and as the current Secretary General of the Arab League.

As for Nawal El Saadawi, she is a leading Egyptian feminist, sociologist, medical doctor and militant writer on Arab women's problems. She is one of the most widely translated contemporary Egyptian writers, she’s liberal and very tough at the same time (I like that), plus she fiercely campaigned against American imperialism in Iraq. Her electoral program is excellent, check it out in this Link
Her setbacks apart from that she looks like she dropped her broomstick before posing for this photo (I'm sorry that was cheap shot) she sometimes reaches extreme levels with her feminist rolls, which might question her credibility at some topics. Also some accusations are that she ventured into some religious topics that she knew nothing about and started declaring statement as an expertise.

Finally, in my opinion Nawal's resume is much more attractive than others, that's why I would go for her till someone better shows up, plus I believe that we need a woman's touch these days for a change, after our men failed us miserably in the past 46 years! (And before that of course)

Dr. Saadawi and her husband Sherif Hetata

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