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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Reply to the Sandmonkey’s ranting (part 2)

” After that Egypt fought against Israel 3 more wars and in every war we ended up losing, and yes, that includes the Yom Kippur war. We lost that one MaGdee blah blah blah till Everything you know you just heard from someone else and you repeat like a parrot. But, that’s ok, as I said, you don’t know any better. Anyway..”

Okay, since you have deicide to take up the side of the Israeli story and since most English references to this war were derived from this side. I will play along and take up your facts about this war! The celebrations that hurts you so much are called the “6th of October day” or “the Crossing day”… now bring out your facts and check them out one by one... what happened on the 6th of October 1973? probably you’re going to say “evil” “sneaky” Egyptians launched an attack on innocent Israel while they are celebrating their feast... which is true somehow but what they did on that day was considered victory by all means, Berlieve line was destroyed and the canal was crossed and we moved about 20km inside Sinai... after 12 victorious days (running out of strategic supply) the table had turned on us and after the infamous “American Airlift” the IDF led by Sharon created the so-called “gap” was due to a strategic errors from Sadat (read General Saad el Shazly book) meanwhile they could’ve overcome this gap easily. Now, after that the complete run-out of supply and the failure of the Soviet support to reach Egypt on time, we had to accept the American seize fire proposal and made us go for the “el Kilo 101 negotiations” with Israelis. Now, let’s see the outcome of the war in casualties we exceeded the Israelis but if winning or losing the war is measured by casualties than the American must have won the Vietnam War, so let’s refer to the territorial gains, where we took back the canal and 10 km of the land. Plus the shock impact of this war led us to peace negotiations of 78 where we got our lands back. So what do you honestly think did we win the war or lost it? Or I’m just pleasing myself… you’ll go for the latter I’m sure. As much as it will hurt you to believe it I’m a pro-peace with Israel, I respect institutions like Gush-Shalom and Peace now! But I never myself pro-Israel because Israel doesn’t need my support (I acknowledge their right to existence there as it became a fact so there is no need to deny it) no matter you’re going to say or give me any biblical or historical facts… Israelis already have their own state while the Palestinians don’t so I support Palesistinians and any Israelis who want peace! And I never judge an entire group of people by their leaders’ mistakes. So, you don’t find me cursing Jews for the mistakes of their Zionist leaders. And surprise surprise I even have some Jewish Israeli friends to prove it and surprise again they agree on my views too!

“So where were the Palestinians in the middle of all that someone might ask? Did they fight in any of those 4 wars? You know, volunteer or send money or something? Nope, nope and nope. They could’ve caused some sort of uprising when the Yom Kippur war started and thus completely messed the Israelis up with an attack from inside as well as outside, but they didn’t. They chose not to! Why bother, the Egyptians will do it! There is an actual saying that period MaGdee, I am not sure you know it, but it went like this: “The Arabs will fight Israel until the last Egyptian soldier”! We lost 100,000 Egyptians in those wars MaGdee, and we didn’t even get a thank you.”

Israelis came to Palestine and took lands that didn’t belong to them, period. I don’t care if Palestinians were hiding under rocks (which didn’t happen by the way check your history on more time). We were under constant threats even if we accepted the UN separation resolution back in 1948. (How can we accept proposal made by series of imperialist forces to divide a part of the Arabs lands?) Here I’m having a Zionist state next to me along with some hard-liners who believe in the “Greater Israel” while I'm fighting Western imperialism, it’s not another conspiracy theory I assure “Greater Israel “ ideology is true and existed on popular bases among Israelis back in the 40’s 50’s but now only few minority believe in it. (Did you ever wonder why Israelis settlers cried their eyes out when they were driven out of Sinai?) Did you ever stop and think if the Israeli occupation in Sinai and other Arab lands was based on security procedures as they claim why did they build settlements and civil communities?
Why did lose 100,000 Egyptians? Because of the mistakes made by previous dictator regimes, but that doesn’t change the nobility of the struggle and the cause of our unity! even if some leaders did let us down through history. So do you think being a pro-Israeli brings back the 100,000 Egyptians killed on their hands?

“Instead we were- and still are- called Traitors and cowards by those we fought for and who did not fight. You know who the Palestinians and Yasser Arafat were fighting in the 1970’s? King Hussein of Jordan. Yes, other Arabs you freakin moron”

I agree, we were called traitors by few and almost the entire Arab leaders boycotted us for our peace initiative… but do you truly think that was the entire Arab population view… even if some ignorant believed that. Is that a reason to hold a grudge on Arabs and hate everything which is Arabic? You mentioned King Hussein of Jordan, the Benedict Arnold of modern Arab history, the man who went and told the Israelis the exact time of 1973, luckily no one ever took him seriously. And don’t revert to profanity again!

“The Palestinians didn’t start the Intifadah until 1984, almost 40 years after the War of Israel. By that time Israel was its own country with institutions and generations of people born and raised there, thus having as much right of the land as the Palestinians did. You know what were the Palestinians doing all that time? They were kidnapping planes and killing athletes, u know, stuff that TERRORISTS DO!”

I don’t support terrorism… I don’t support any civilian killings but I understand desperation and desperation could result in foolish actions according to this bizarre adage “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter!” But terrorism is not Intifada although it clinched within it through some parts of history!
Still there are brave "freedom fighters" in Palestine along with other respected activists.

“And if we chose to ignore all that MaGdee, like you and your friends chose to, the 1990’s and the 2001-2003 attacks are proof enough for your ass… blah blah blah till “Give us the land and we won’t try to kill you”? That’s thug mentality MaGdee, and can only work if the Palestinians were more powerful then the Israelis, which they are not.

Profanity once again! I'm a Zamalek resident but I do have a sharp tongue of a Bola2 resident, so please don’t provoke me I’m very well aware of your dirty words! Nope, we don’t want them out of the region anymore this ideology changed over years… maybe that was in the beginning but we had every goddamn reason to do so! You are right about one thing we never capitalized the Israeli peace camp, simply because they are being shut down by the Zionist extremists... like they did with Uri Avenry and Mordechai Vanunueu.

“But do you really wanna know what made me Pro-Israel MaGdee? You really do? It was the Taba bombings. I am taking it a little personally because I was there with my friends at Ras Shaitan, and I left half an hour before the bomb went off, and had to go back and get the rest of my friends who were hiding in a beach cabin afraid of terrorists coming to kill them.”

It was a tragedy. Ironically, I was in Dahab at that time watching the entire thing on TV while the cops were surrounding the entire town, later on I saw an Israeli whom I knew from a group friends crying while holding his bags ready to leave, so I went to him and as a gesture we exchanged condolences and do you know what did he say to me? “I blame it all on that pig Sharon”. Maybe he was humoring me but I don’t think anyone at that time is capable of that. I never denied Palestinian violence and terrorism but you should never deny the Israelis state terrorism.
And since you are such a sentimental person don't you take it personally when you saw the footages of children who were died or injured because of US bombing in Iraq? Or when an Israeli soldier placed a bullet in an 8 years old school girl?

“But I do recognize that he is capable of it. And as for the topic of Sharon’s ass, to tell you the truth I never really checked it out. You apparently did. I guess that says something about you now, doesn’t it my friend?”

You recognize Sharon is capable of peace. Even Israelis don’t believe that but they just play along for the sake of public image. And you don’t have to check to see Sharon’s ass its right there in your face taking the entire TV space, but what does it say about my “friend”? Or I’m detecting a homosexuality accusation followed by homophobia, doesn’t that contradicts your libertarian views lol

“As for supporting Bush, it may come off as a shocker to you, but traditionally egyptians have always supported the republican candidate, this year being the only exception. For the 1980, 1984, 1988 ,1992, 1996, and 2000 campaigns the arabs and egyptians in the USA have voted overwhelmingly republican and that sentiment was shared and echoed by the arabs all over the middle-east. Whether you publically admit it or not, you know you wanted Bush to win in the 2000 elections, cause you oh so feared a Jew in the white house. blah blah blah till voting republican once again. I guess that makes us all supporters of the most "right wing US government in history". Scary, huh?”

Yep, scary but dont count me in with your right-wing supporters (in case you are stupid enough not to realize my centrist but left leaning views) and I know all about Arabs supporting the Repukes, as conservatives support conservatives (usually) until the conflicts of interests erupt... again you keep assuming stuff like I’m following the mainstream... I never supported Democrats nor Republicans they are same species different methods... I always go for the underdog like Ralph Nader (even I don't agree with some of his views). As for Bush he’s religious nutcase backed up by some other ultra-religious nuts... you know the same kind of people I’m fighting against here in Egypt!

“Ohh, and can you please support that statement next time, instead of just parrotting a line from Fahrenheit 9/11? I understand that you must have seen it like 5 times and have it memorized by now, but please do your own research and don't believe everything that Michael Moore says to be truth written in stone. That man, believe it or not, had an agenda and he told you everything you wanted to hear and took your money in retrun. They have a name for people like you my friend and its SUCKER!”

Again with you assumptions… you made up an entire scenario in your brain trying to imagine what I stand for, but you failed again. I never saw Fahrenheit 9/11 and I’ll never will... Michael Moron is a publicity stunt man! I only saw his “Bowling for Columbine” and I laughed at his ridiculous methods of reporting! My views about Moore are shared by all my friends and we just use him to tease the likes of you!

As for exposing me you did a great of exposing yourself my friend along the way… your views as an alleged “libertarian” were not clear but you made yourself very obvious thank you again.

Have some peanuts and return to your cage!

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