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Monday, January 03, 2005

Reply to the Sandmonkey’s ranting

A day a go I posted a comment on the telling the sandmonkey honestly what I think of his blog.. so he came up with a long boring response (he’s got much time on his tail I think lol) I was willing to let go.. but definitely this kiddo stepped into dangerous grounds here, so here you are some C&P’s from his post along with my replies (WARNING even longer and boring reply than his):-

Dearest Maimoon,

As I told you before I’m happy we keep amusing each other...

“Thank you for the incredibly humorous comments you left me the other day. I have had the biggest laugh cause of your post, so thanks for that! I have been waiting on one of you to get some balls and come over here and say something”

You’re most welcome I give out stand-up comedy routines too, if you like! Oh yeah I have balls but the question is what do you have?

“However, I must say I was a little disappointed by it. I mean, I expected you to come over here and do some rambling and not have an actual argument to pose or anything, and i was right as usual”

Right about what exactly? I wasn’t even arguing with you... I left a simple comment about your blog describtion in case you haven’t noticed!

“But to actually do that without leaving the name of your blog or even an e-mail so I can return the favor, well, MaGdee, that’s kind of a pussy thing to do. God forbid I come over your blog and expose you for the idiot you are. If I didn’t know any better I would say that you are afraid of me. Hmm…”

I left you my profile... it’s up for you to do the rest, it’s not my job to ease up things for you. It would be a pussy thing if I posted as “anonymous” but I didn’t. “Afraid” lol oh yeah sand monkeys can be scary hehehehe

“However, I am kinda curious, why did you exactly decide to come over here and ramble without a point?”

I found you through a ridiclous post of yours on another blog and I decided to pay a you a visit. You don’t mind, or do you?

“I mean, did you like tell everyone you knew who reads this that you are going to come over and “Put me in my place” or something?

No, I didn’t unlike you I don’t brag about my heroic actions lol and I didn’t come to put in your place because you’ve already done that by yourself... hello you’re a sand monkey!

Are you satisfied being the group’s cowardly hero? If that’s the case, then congrats my friend for a mission accomplished. Unfortunately you have shown yourself off to be a complete idiot in the mean time, and I am writing this post to explain to you why that is!”

Cowardly hero? An oxymoron description, you sure have your ways around words... but my mission is not accomplished yet at least a la George Dubya way. Did I really show that I’m a complete idiot? Why, because I didn't call myself a sandmonkey?

“I know people like you MaGdee, and I have to say that you are a complete cliché. “Ohh, darn, Sandmonkey and Big Pharaoh have opinions that are at variance with my own. Can’t have that now can we”?

Nope, you think you know people like me but you know nothing about me and about Arabs and Egyptians although you allegedly lived most of your life here in Egypt as you. You and Big Pharaoh have the right to spout any bullshit you like but I also have the right to ridicule it whenever I feel like it

“It’s not like you think for yourself or anything, you just repeat what everyone around you tells you and for that I pity you. You just don’t know any better”

Unlike you I don’t just bring out a bunch of rednecks to think for me and I label it as my own views. All I do here is expressing what I feel and my views are based on things I see with my own eyes and my own judgments are based upon my carefulness for my heritage, people and culture.

“Let’s see, you (and alleged others) called me a “self-hating idiot”, which is really what you are my friend. I wish I was self-hating, then I wouldn’t care that much about how bad we- as Arabs- have fucked ourselves over”

No, my “friend” you assume that I don’t care about “how bad we-as-Arabs-have-fucked-ourselves over”... If you followed any on my comment here on any other blogs you would've known that I’m advocating for extreme changes and reformations in every thing in our lives here as Egyptians or Arabs. I only believe that these changes should within the pattern of our culture and heritage and by our own hands and our own sacrifices not by some foreigners with questionable intentions. And since your kind is affliating-yourself-with-foreigners type of freaks, you end up fucking no one else but yourselves in the end! Don't use profanity with me again, ok?

“Apparently wanting democracy and change make me self-hating.”

Nope, but calling yourself a sandmonkey and justifying how cynical you are about it while cheerleading to people throwing bombs over other fellow Arabs makes you one. In order for you not to rush for a broken-record right-wing comment, I also call people who cheer up terrorists who kill civilians in Iraq, Palestine and Israel as self-hating Arabs/Egyptians (you’re not different).

“I always thought I loved my country- Egypt that is- and wanted it to get better. And while I may be not doing much but rant on a blog, at least I am doing something. I have some ideas and solutions on how we could improve the shitty situation of our country. Do you?

You always thought that you loved your country!!!!, that’s rich, so now what? do you dislike your country?.. there’s no reason whatsoever that exists to make you lose your love for your country even when its run by corrupted American supported dictators... you fight for your country with your own ideas and efforts, not hiding under the wing of a world superpower spouting their own ideology. And just like you my blog is still running fresh and I haven’t had the opportunity yet to share any of my “ideas and solutions” to improve out the shitty situation. And by the way I don’t think cheerleading for Bush and co. is considered ideas and solutions.

Have you ever done anything besides bitching about how things are fucked up and then changed the subject? And what are you defending exactly MaGdee? Do you even know?

LOL You don’t know me and nice try by the way, but I won’t reveal who am I for now for security reasons but let’s just say my name is common in the activsits scene here and "amn el dawla" records and I’m not shitting or making this up! Yes I know what I’m defending; I’m defending my country nationalist identity from the likes of you!
Let me ask you this, who are you reaching out for with your blog, as you already mentioned you are trying to change things in Egypt, so I suppose you're addressing Egyptians (same goes to GM's blog )? Egyptians, nope I don't think so, I haven't seen any there, just many foreigners who appluad your stupidty and glad that they found a puppy who approves them! Are you actually talking to Egyptians or did you convince yourself of doing that??

“Ohh and the reason why I didn’t call myself a “SandNi****” is because I actually do know some black people that would kick your ass for using that word. I can introduce you to them one day, although I am not sure that you would walk away alive afterwards. I didn’t know about Dune coon or raghead though. Those are new to me. I will add them to the “Sandmonkey” post just for you. And for my “Redneck” friends as well. Gotta keep them happy, you know? I can’t help but wonder though, how much of a racist are you MaGdee? You know calling people Ni***rs and rednecks? Calling people names MaGdee isn’t very nice! Didn’t your mommy teach you that? Guess not! Anyway…”

Oh no, you’re not running this politically correct roll on me! Well, if you wanna do it right next time maybe you should consider using the terms “Africans” or “African Americans” not “black people” as it became less likely used these days. Hahaha about walking alive with it… FYI I spent some time in the states mainly in NYC and around California, for few months I shared a home with a very lovely African American family in Inglewood... do you know Ingelwood? Actually, the term “Sandnigger” popped out on numerous occasions by me and others there… and guess what I walked away alive... because people are sane enough to know that I didn’t invent the term, in fact your “redneck” friends did! So please don’t intimidate me with your buddies again. And do you even know the definition of “racist”?... a “redneck” is not racial slur because its term called on a bunch of ignorant and racist white farmers in the south, the term was used to describe their sunburn necks… so it’s not racist but merely sarcastic! And I didn’t call anyone the “N” word, so don’t pur words in my mouth… didn’t your momma teach you that? Obviously she didn’t teach you anything lol

“You know, like being able to debate ideas, hold democratic elections, freedom of speech, religious freedom, Tolerance for other cultures and religions. You know, crazy radical notions like that. But you, of course as the defender of everything egyptian, Arabic and Islamic, are against all that, right?

So, I’m a defender of everything Egyptian, Arabic and Islamic? lol You assume too much which is bad for your health and you reach to some ridiculous accusations and stupid conclusion. Again, check my post before you spout idiotic accusations like these!! Do you think you have any room for debate? Your posts are just smears on anything you dislike!

“As for being Pro-Israel, well, that really came later, but taking the logical road there started a while ago. Let’s debate the facts, shall we? When the Jews started immigrating there after World War II, they started buying lots of the land from the Palestinians there, who were more then happy to sell it. After a while, the Hagannah’s and other Israeli terrorist groups like the Stern group started bombing stuff and kicked the British out. Did the Palestinians, who saw “their” land getting occupied get up and fight for it? Nope. Ran away and asked everyone else to fight for them instead, and that of course started the 1948 war which Egypt of course fought in and lost”

Now, lets discuss your so called “logical road”... you’re accusing Palestinans of selling their lands… well yeah it did happen when you live in poverty under occupation (British) and some foreigners comes along flashing lots of money in your face, you usually take the money! Imagine a foreign investor who bought a land from you and then later he proclaimed his own state above this land! Palestinians didn’t watch their lands get occupied but they were fighting the British occupation and then some other intruders sneaked from behind them starting making their own state… and you have to read more history books about Palestinian resistance to learn how and when it started… and a certain Sheikh called el-Huessini rings a bell... probably famous in the Zionist media by the “Nazi Imam” as he aligned himself with the Adolf Hitler (Sadat also did that when he was fighting British occupation)… not because he was in love with the Nazi ideology but only because of the adage “enemy of my enemy is my friend” (an adage that I hate) but its probably being used by the entire world including yourself in which you align yourself with a conservative ideology while claiming to be a libertarian! And also used by your American heartthrobs while supporting Bin laden and Al-Qaida against the Soviets in the 80’s... and while using the same technique in supporting “Saddam” against Iran also back in the 80’s… yeah that Reagan was one hell of a guy (do you hang his poster above your bed? lol)

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