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Sunday, January 02, 2005

We the “Brainwashed” people…

In any argument with psyched up right-wing Americans or their right-wing followers along with some of the so called Arab neo-liberals, the first thing they try do is to slander us of by calling us “brainwashed”, then they say we are “puppets” and our brains are being stuffed by illicit “Propaganda” spouted by our “puppeteers”. They also whine that the nasty devious “Al-Jazeera News” folks are shaping out our thoughts with their poisonous propaganda (while they are watching Fox News lol). Not to mention their usual smear on our religion and culture, and they defend their bigotry by saying it was innocently said within the pattern of their care to reform us, this is common theme to their arguments.

Now you be the judge, The following are examples of reforms that what we call for in our Arab lands and since I’m Egyptian I’ll point out specifically and briefly about Egypt:- (not in any particular order)

1- Democracy and the end of authoritarian rule.
2- Free Elections both parliamentary and presidential.
3- Separation of Religion and State.
4- Freedom of Speech.
5- Freedom of Religion.
6- Women’s Rights.
7- Economic reformations.
8- Human Rights.
9- End of discrimination between minorities.
10- Abiding of our heritage and culture.
11- Equality in every socio-economic aspect.

Do they really sound that bad??? Except for the last point, in which right-wingers might argue that it’s a socialist/communist rant!

The real boiling point here comes when we argue that all of these reformations can only be achieved by us as Egyptians whether through civil peaceful movements or civil disobediences BUT not through American impositions and American cruise missiles!
But, how do we dare to say that? Obviously, in their dictionary it’s wrong to become an Egyptian Nationalist or an Arab Nationalist while it’s okay for them to become a Neocon nationalist or a Zionist (Jewish nationalist). Is it really bad to clinch to your heritage and culture? All they want to do is to shut us up and make us submit to their plans, like some Belgium right-wing hack said on some other Egyptian blog “Arabs you need to swallow your pride” (he failed to mention before or after each meal)

We are not opposing to anything American as they may argue, we love to share and learn from them, we have a lot to learn from Americans and the West, as the US didn’t become the world first power by being stupid. But there’s a big difference between learning and sharing and being forced to learn and not allowed to share.

I opposed to the war on Iraq for many reasons but my main reason remains simply because I’m against any use of force which is not applied in self-defense cases (The case was made that Iraq didn’t attack the USA and it wasn’t an imminent threat). Pro-war people will argue that I love Saddam and I hated to see him go, but of course that’s not the case as I’m totally against Saddam and Bin Laden (I blame them for all the atrocities in Arab lands along with other Arab leaders). I also believe that if the US really wanted to oust Saddam from the beginning, they really could’ve made it through many other ways than dusting Iraq to the ground, as they have the power, the money, the knowledge and the CIA to do it!

I also came to believe that the pro-war people are divided into several groups:-

1- Naïve folks who believe that the true reason behind the war is to bring democracy and freedom to Iraq and Iraqis
2- Hateful bigots who are just happy to see Muslims and Arabs getting killed.
3- Supremacists, Imperialists, Neocons etc. who know the true reasons behind the war.
4- Idiots who blame Islam and Arabs for everything bad in this world.
5- People who just like to see the US flexing muscles.
6- People within our societies who hate pan-Arabism and Islamic culture.

I’m sorry but I really don’t find myself in any of these previous groups, I’m sorry if I can’t please the war-fetishists. I'm sorry if I don't believe in the intentions of the US foreign policies since they support every goddamn dictator in our region. And if being against the Arab dictators and calling for changes by our own hands means that I’m “Brainwashed” than I’m happy to be called so... bring on more detergents and add some bleach.

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