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Monday, February 28, 2005

Hiya mates I'm back

Yeah really, I'm back in Egypt one month earlier than scheduled but things worked so fast in England than I thought.So as soon as I felt that my existence on the Brits lands is becoming irrelevant, I took the first flight to Cairo.
My deepest apologies as I promised to post from there, but I really didn't have time to breathe there. I would to thank all of you who sent me emails and comments and I'm sorry again if I couldn't reply to many of it!
Lots of things have been happening since I left, Sharm Shiekh Summit, Iraqi election, Ayman Nour's arrest, Harriri's Death etc, Mubarak's "coming out of the closet" speech (elections speech) etc. So I don't know where to start but I'll be thinking of something soon.

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