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Monday, February 28, 2005

Long Live Mubarak?

As I was about to scream my lungs out with “Long Live Mubarak” and with “Belroa7 beldam nefdeek ya Mubarak”(with soul and blood we sacrifice ourselves to you Mubarak) after hearing his historical speech of introducing multiple candidates elections. I asked myself, why would Mubarak do such a thing? Two months ago the National Democratic Party reps were all over the Egyptian media trying to convince us that multiple candidates elections is not our highest priority but economic reformation is. And some of the naïve folks down here bought it! Now, they are all over the TV saying what an important historical moment in Egypt. I totally agree with them with the importance of this moment, but what I can’t understand why Egypt’s Big Pharaoh (Mubarak not GM) is giving it up so easy?

People are saying that it’s because of the opposition pressures and recent demonstration in Egypt… well I’m not trying undermine these protests but come on we know better. While other people saying that it’s because of the American pressure and Condi’s visit... as I hate to admit but I agree with the latter. The Bush regime finally realized the hypocrisy factor in their “freedom crusade”, this was any anti-Bush argument factor “you’re launching a war for freedom but you’re supporting dictators in Egypt and Pakistan etc.”. So, why did the Americans turn against their favorite middle-eastern puppy? And then it hit me, they didn’t turn against him, they just provided him with an instant democracy recipe… you see the Egyptian opposition is very weak or you may even call it a circus freak show... the only real contender for presidency is now in jail with forging signatures charge. That’s Dr. Ayman Nour, the young, liberal, charismatic and very popular activist. Talk about timing... just three weeks before Mubarak throws his bomb.

Speculations that Mubarak will throw a bigger bomb by not running for the Presidency fifth term, but who will... taaadaaa its Gamal Mubarak, then you may call it a fifth term in proxy. With the absence of real oppositions and other candidates being hunted down by Media and thrown in Jail by the government, it’s going to be an easy job for “Jimmy”. Well, let’s not run ahead, we will wait and see, but the only way for this to work is to give equal opportunities for the opposition to represent themselves without any Government harassing and have a UN or EU election observation mission during the elections. I'm praying already, then I will be screaming "Long Live Mubarak" for making this historic change and hell I'll even wear a Mubarak T-shirt.

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