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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Fart of Democracy

Yesterday, I was visiting a relative of mine who lives in the Garden City district in Cairo, the area was packed, as usual I couldn’t find a parking space except ten blocks behind his house. Garden City was always crowded, with all its banks, companies and embassies but adding to the district dilemma is that both main streets and streets leading to the “fort of democracy” i.e. the American embassy are blocked and other streets have heavily guarded checkpoints. Adding that the land space of the “fort of democracy” (literally it is a fort) occupies almost third of the Garden City area. Folks, please remind me after 20 years from now, when I get elected to be the President of Egypt to cause a diplomatic rift (a possible war) and piss off our biggest “benefactors” by confiscating half of the embassy space to build a parking area.

I’ve been inside the US Embassy several times, it’s beautiful, clean and you don’t feel the pressure of the heavy security outside, but on the outside it’s ugly and it’s blocking the entire neighborhood. Yep, the embassy is just like the country itself, the USA interiorly could be the world biggest democracy but exteriorly (globally) it is the world biggest dictator! A "Democracy act" what a joke, imagine a coalition of countries would pass an act or interfere to free the liberal American people and correct this conservative ideology that they live in and allow the pro-choice abortion, allow Gay marriages, remove the ten commandments and abolish the death penalty... how would the right-wing Americans react? Not pleasantly I’m sure.

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