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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Let's blame the Syrians game

Today the traffic was as hellish as usual in downtown Cairo, so while I'm in the car a thought popped in my head that I needed to blame someone immediately for this gridlock. My first option was "Syria" since it's the fashionable these days, as all I can read in the newspapers and watch on TV is that different officials from Lebanon, Iraq, Israel and the USA is blaming Syria for something new everyday.

Folks, I hated Hafez Al Assad he was a ruthless man who committed many crimes against his opposition, and I think Bashar is just a timid version of his father who can only be reformed if the old guards surrounding him would retire. Right now, I believe that Syria should withdraw its troops from Lebanon and move their troops to the boundaries of the Golan heights. Syrian troops existence in Lebanon at the current time is irrelevant, things have changed a lot than it was 15 years ago... enemies became allies and vice versa. The only way for Lebanon to keep their "National Pact" intact is for Syrians to withdraw. But then we will have dilemma because any "immediate" withdrawal of Syrian troops will cause instability and might stir up sectarian disputes and maybe another civil war, because Syrians were balancing things up and some groups will feel vulnerable. (already conflicts started in Tripoli immediately after Karami's resignation). Let's not forget that Syrian interference in 1976 saved Christians in Lebanon from a defeat by the Muslim Militias and Palestinian Militias, that's why Sunnis in Lebanon are against the Syrians and joined by the Druze, Christians and even the far-right Christians in a coalition against Syria. (Syria a predominantly Sunni Muslim country but politically controlled by a secular Alwaites "Shiaa sect" with strong ties to Iran and Lebanese Shiaa Hezbollah). I'm glad that the Lebanese people were able to force the resgnation of the current in their search of freedom, I believe in the right of every people to oppose the existence of foreign troops on their soil, but this is not "Ukraine 2004" as the consequences and the instability in Lebanon, stop portraying Walid Jumblatt (Druze leader and the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party) as a freedom symbol, because he's NOT he's just a drunk who plays on every winning side, he's not a symbol of a unified Lebanon. The Americans who are praising the "Socialist" Jumblatt forgot about his past anti-war talks and his cheering of insurgents targeting hotel where Wolfwitz was staying in Baghdad, but the American government always sides with what currently interests them and what currently interests the US is to humilate and corner Syria as much as they can.

Bottom line, Syria should pack up and get the hell out of there but with the coordination of the Lebanese opposition, any pushing of Syria will only hurt Lebanon. Opposition MUST work with Syria to make it happen, they must realize that any foreign intervention from the US or France is not welcomed. Resoultion 1559 must be implemented, but in baby steps due to the delicacy of the country.

As for the death of Rafiq El Hariri, I was shocked, I really respected the man very much but NOT a fan of he's economic policies of turning Lebanon into one big nightclub, but he's a respectful fellow who was able to unite Lebanese sects together. God bless his soul.
It's naive to blame Syria for his assassination, we all know that there was a big rift between him and Syria, but Syrians are not stupid to make such a big mistake, and especially now when the Americans are standing close, watching and waiting for a wrong move from the Syrian side. Look up closely for who will benefit the most from his death. According to my "Sherlock" rules look up for someone who showed the deepest sadness and most tears after his death( apart from his family of course). And according to our Egyptian adage "He killed the man and mourns in his funeral".

Finally, President Bush and Condi said "Syria should pull out and end the occupation of Lebanon immediately" I would like to point out for both of them to another Egyptian proverb (it has a Western equivalent) which is "if you live in a glass house don't throw bricks at people". It sounds more truthful ans sincere when nations other than the US ask Syria to pull out.

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