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Monday, March 14, 2005

Mido racially abused!

Mido, the Egyptian star footballer (soccer player), who plays his club football at Tottenham Hotspur "Spurs" in England, was racially abused during a game against Southampton FC "Saints". Mido who quickly shined through the ranks of the "Spurs" team shortly after being loaned from AC Roma, was the focus of attention when a group of Southampton fans started chanting racial slurs.

The Southampton fans kept chanting "shoe bomber" and other racial slurs whenever Mido touches the ball, with reference to Richard Reid, who was jailed for trying to blow up a plane with explosives concealed in his footwear. The fans compared Mido to Richard Reid (who's originally half Jamaican and half English and converted to Islam) because of Mido's Arab/Muslim heritage, yeah racists are very low on the IQ part! The complaint was made by a caring Southampton fan, a woman who heard her fellow supporters as they sunk down to the worst levels of hate!

Mido said: "I didn't understand what they were saying when I was playing but I heard it.

"But it still didn't become an issue for me.

"If the people who said these things think themselves funny, it is only themselves who are laughing.

"This is the first time I've had such abuse and it is very strange.

"It never happened anywhere else but in England.

"I'm only here to play football and I won't make such incidents stir my focus away from the game."

Racism is rising everywhere in sports and in another incident Chelsea's African Player "Didier Drogba" was thrown eggs by some group kept make "monkey" noises whenever the ball gets to him, what's is shocking is that the chants come from his own team supporters!! It also reminds of another incident during a game that I watched live last year, it was a friendly game between England and Spain that turned hostile as the Spaniards kept chanting racial slurs at England's Black players, it was so loud that it drove one player into tears!
It's a Shame, sport is meant to connect people not to become a racial battle-grounds.

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