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Friday, March 04, 2005

Pimpin' my blog!

I received couple of emails from people asking me why I’m not putting much effort in promoting my blog! I should know better as Marketing guy, but it’s not intentionally made, I’m really new to this blogging stuff and I’ve been so busy lately to follow all the wizardly stuff of promoting my blog.

Actually, I owe 90% of my traffic to my fellow Egyptian blogger and Good Samaritan Ramy from Beyond Normal. He’s been doing a lot of effort to keep me running in the Blogosphere, by adding my blog in every sort of rings, feeds, contests etc. Thank you very much Ramy, I appreciate it.

So, fellows I wasn’t trying to limit my blog to a specific group of people or act cool that I don’t care about my readers. I do care, if you really have any ideas of promoting my blog or any other sort of ideas, don’t be cheap and share it. And if like what you see over here and you wanna add me to your links, do it please! Aiight!

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