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Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Right to Die

I promised myself that I won’t write about the Terri Schiavo case, because of two reasons, the first is it an American issue and I don’t give a rat’s ass about American internal issues. Secondly, because I really don’t have any solid views on the topic,

What made me break my promise was when I saw how this unfortunate woman became another battlefield for the liberals and the conservatives of America to fight upon with the blessings American media. But really made me start writing this post was when I saw the footages on TV of some protestors encouraged by GOP members to pray for Terri’s life. I really thought what the hell is wrong with these people, they can easily vote and support a war that killed 100,000 civilians but they just gather around and pray to save a human vegetable!. Ironically, the corrupt Republican Representative Tom Delay who believes that Tsunami was God’s punishment for the “non-believers” is leading the congress fight for Terri. Conservative commentators like Sid Rosenberg of MSNBC who once said during Yasser Arafat funeral that Palestinians are animals and they should all be killed, is fighting for the Terri's life on his own "sport" shows... oh God the American right is really amusing.

Anyway, that’s not the point as average people are easily shaped and manipulated by the media and politicians without even understanding the case

Regarding the religious issue, I do think that all religions have a common stand against Euthanasia in some way. But I’m positive about Islamic stand, death is a time allotted by God. God is the owner of life and our bodies. It was made clear in the following passage "Take not life which Allah made sacred otherwise than in the course of justice" (Quran 6:151 and 17:33). And the are several evidences inHadith to support the case of Islam against Euthanasia.

The human suffering issue, Doctors say that by removing the feeding tube Terri will not suffer from the starvation or torture as some might call it. But the question why are we compared to animals who should be shot to death after becoming useless. No one knows what’s going on inside Terri but Terri herself, maybe she spent the last 15 years in suffering or maybe not. Who knows? Her husband I think not... he just speculates that she didn’t want to live this way. Unfortunately, in Terri's case, she didn’t determine that in a living will or anything. But no one should be allowed to make this decision for her not the Supreme court not her parents and not her husband... if she didn’t chose it than it should be left to the will of God.

Yes, people it all a matter of choice again, if I wanted to put an end my life to end my suffering and chose to be burned in hell, well that’s my choice. That’s why I told my family and friends that if I ever end up in a coma or a vegetable you have my blessings to pull the plug on me anytime... no matter how the clerics will pass judgement on me, I'm a very strong believer in Allah's mercy.

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