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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Israel Honors Terrorists

Recently the Israeli President, Moshe Katzav, organized a ceremony to honor three surviving Jewish terrorists who made terrorist attacks against American and foreign buildings in Egypt in order to provoke a war between Egypt and the Unites States. In 1954, Mossad agents planted bombs in American and British sites such as the US Information Service offices, cinemas, clubs and libraries around Cairo and Alexandria. Luckily, the premature detonation of one of the terrorist’s bombs led to the exposure and halt of the terrorist plot before the massive loss of life and property.

The terrorist group was caught by the Egyptian authorities and they went to trial, two were hung and other were sentenced to life terms. Failing to meet prisoners exchange protocols between Egypt and Israel on many occasions as the Israelis never asked for them because they were denying any relation to the incident. Now, the living members of this terrorist group awarded certificates of appreciation and they are regarded as Israeli heroes.

If this terrorist attack (codenamed Operation Suzannah) would have been successful, not only would it have cost many lives, but it would have caused an American war against Egypt which in turn would have caused the death of many thousands of innocent Americans and Egyptians.

Source: Haaretz - Israel News

This incident which is known as “Lavon affair”, named after the Israeli Defense Minister at that time, Pinhas Lavon. Lavon tried to use a scapegoat in this case his deputy Shimon Peres was candidate, but later on when the scandal was public Golda Meir’s favorite pet was forced to resign in a PR damage control by the Israeli government.

For years the Israelis denied this incident but now they are blunt and out of the closet and they are honoring their heroes!!

A similar incident happened during 1967 Egypt-Israel war, an attack by Israeli aircraft and boats on the American USS Liberty ship as an attempt to sink it down and frame it on the Egyptians. An incident that the Israeli government still denies till this day and calls it a tragic accident and that they thought they were targeting an Egyptian horse carrier!!!

Any American reaction to a foreign terrorist attack on their soils is an immediate retaliation, especially when the proprietor is a government and state not a terrorist group. But what really happened is that Zionist lobbyists were able to manage and control these incidents for their own good and they still get billions of dollars from the Americans. Now, they are giving honor certifcates to people who tried to kill Americans and the American government is actually enjoying it! It really pays to have Israel as your best buddy.

These incidents were only made disoverd by coincidences, as the first one when the bomb prematurely detonated and the other when the ship didn’t sunk after the attack and they called for S.O.S. Imagine if these attacks were successful what would have happened? And imagine how many other attacks that were successful and we not dicovered and the Arabs got the blame for it. They call us conspiracy theorist fanatics and they will make fun of us if we try to blame the Zionist for anything, well... events like these could create a fanatic out of me anytime.

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