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Friday, April 29, 2005

Liar, Liar, World on Fire.

50% of the Americans are now convinced that Bush lied to them regarding the WMD, So, where are the right-wing and the conservative voices that called for Clinton impeachment for lying about Monica’s Bukkake case. This is a person who lied to wage a war and got your children killed in this war and the other lied about a sexual relationship... which is worse?

Maybe the other 50% are waiting for a Jeff Gannon type to tell them that the WMD are now hidden in Syria! But before they move to Syria or any other war, I hope they realize that the previous lie cost them Billions of dollars (166 billion so far), troops were killed, Oil prices up the sky, American reputation down the gutter and most importantly these costs are still incoming. The World terrorist attacks more than tripled in 2004 according to a US count, another Bush achievement to the war on terrorism. I hate to admit it and say that he was right but this what Mubarak declared before the start of the war on Iraq, when he said “That this war will increase terrorism and make millions of other Bin Laden”, I don’t think he said that out of worrisome on his position (he already knew that his postion is kept safe by the US) but truly out of a concern on the national security of Egypt, sorry but I have to give the guy some kudos for this. This was proven by the 7th of April Azhar terrorist attack, an event that is used by the Egyptian government to dismay any talk for the abolishing of the Emergency laws and to crack down on opposition, yesterday Kefaya demonstration arrests are a big proof.
And all for what?... Iraq is not the model and far away from being one any time soon and the world is not safe. So, enjoy your Bush and his sidekick Blair.

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