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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Terrorists Strike Again

Two terrorist attacks in Cairo today. The first one in downtown Cairo , where the fugitive from the first Azhar attack jumped from over the 6th of October bridge into the victims. He was holding a bomb that was exploded killing him (may he burn in hell) and injuring seven including four tourists from Israel, Sweden and Italy.
The other attack was near Sayeda Aicha historical mosque where two bitches wearing Burqua or Niqab (or whatever the hell they call it) opened fire on a tourist bus ... luckily the security were able to shoot one of them down dead (may she burn in hell) and injuring the other before they kill anyone.

It brings back the sad memories of the 90's... this is it adios tourism welcome back much more cruel emergency laws. Condemnations from the clerics are not enough, they should come up with one of their expresso fatwas labeling all these radical Salafist animals as Mortadeen (apostates). I'm depressed... I'm out of here see you on Tuesday.

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