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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Answering the Big Pharaoh

GM took it very personal while replying to my comment on his badly timed post “Cheers to Hosny”. He said (addressing me) “Why not get your hands dirty and start writing some serious POLITICAL stuff on your blog. Come on, speak about politics and use your blog to speak out your mind instead of picking on people. You don't like my argument, ok, offer a counter argument.”

Well, according to GM, I was talking about trivial political in my previous posts! So anyways, I decided to get my hands dirty. Although he gave me no specific points to argue, as all I read in his post is rants about his support for Mubarak to stay on because of his subjugated attitude “I’m choosing the best of the worst”, and then his post was followed by a few “beer-buzz” speculations about what will happen if Mubarak didn’t win and the Islamists won the elections. He didn't understand that by his post he disrespected most of the Egyptians, the opposition and the woman who was sexually harassed on the referendum day by the government thugs. .

“I believe Egypt is not ready at all for full fledged free elections this year and I am not the kind of person who equates Mubarak with Saddam or the Taliban” .

Remember when I said that voted “Yes” for the amendment, I didn’t vote “Yes” for Mubarak as many people claimed I did. The reason for my vote was out of my believe that it’s a step that should be seized by opposition and must be followed up from their side (including Kefaya) and make it to the upcoming elections. And I said that ousting Muabark is not enough, Kefaya should start giving an alternative from the current opposition and support him... so people like GM who claims "I don't see an alternative" could just shut up.

He’s right about one thing though, you can’t equate Mubarak with Saddam or Taliban, because tyrants and dictators come in different shapes, sizes and methods but by the end of the day they are still called tyrants and dictators. It’s exactly the same thing while you can’t equate the Muslims Brotherhood with Taliban but you can’t deny that they are both threatening.

How about the corruption in the country, the abandoned human rights, the torture, emergency laws etc. all of these should be taken for granted because we are not ready for a full fledged free elections? If Mubarak is the best of the worst and he’s the only one liable to rule in Egypt (past,present and future), then we really deserve to be nuked like some of his right-wing friends would love to do.

” I told him my opinion about the current weakness of progressives/secularists and the power of the political Islamists, and how I believe that more time is needed until Egypt can have another political force that can counter the Islamists. In addition, I told him that I believe that we can witness the rise of a progressive/secular political force within the coming 5 years, and if I felt that this force will never really compete with the Islamists then I’ll know it’ll be time for me to say goodbye to my native land”

For a very long time, he was an expert on Iraqi matters, now he returns back to his roots and using the same expertise as before he analyzed every opposition in Egypt and he came up to a conclusion that we only will be ready for democracy in the coming 5 years. You notice that intentionally left out someone here which is “the left” (how ironic) a strong opposition in Egypt. But maybe he probably just labeled them collectively under the progressives/secularists. GM right-wing affiliations automatically makes him drop the left from his formula and thus his pretentious claims of freedom (a la American conservatives style)... doesn’t extend to these people! In case you didn’t notice, he didn’t mention who made these progressives/secularists weak... who is monopolizing the media for himself and cracks down on these opposition? It’s the same person he cheers for. The government didn’t even give them the chance to oppose even to the brotherhood but in fact it made made them closer by making them both vicitims of a Nazi style oppression! What makes him think that they will be given more space in Mubarak’s fifth term or what makes him think that anything will change? Nothing, or maybe he’s waiting for Gamal as a savior. Anyways, he already made his “exit plan” so when the shit hits the fan in any scenario, he’s on the first plane to somewhere... talking about courage and getting your hands dirty, huh?

Please note, that I’m not contradicting myself from my previous post, in which I wrote about my fears and my criticism in case Muslim Brotherhood taking power, but I never excluded them from the equation! And yes I’m for using legitmate rules to restrict their participation in order to guarantee that no one will impose his ideology on the other and until the Brotherhood could find reformed ideology these restrictions should be carefully adhered. Bottom-line whether its Mubarak or the Brotherhood or anyone who doesn’t cherish freedom or anyone who have dictatorship tendencies must not be allowed to rule.

Mr. GM, made several speculations of what will happen if Mubarak leaves his post and the Brotherhood takes over! Well, many of the things) that he mentioned could happen, if the Brotherhood with its current unreformed ideology (in my opinion) takes power. But in the end it really should be up to the Egyptians, whether they want it to happen or not... and if it happens its up for us to fight back. This the basic rule of freedom people’s will and let me remind you of this lovely quote “By liberal I don’t mean Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton, but someone who believes in freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of expression, freedom to become a saint, freedom to sin, etc, etc. In other words, someone who believes in the stuff that all liberals and conservatives in America take for granted.” And guess who made up this quote.. yep it’s GM, it coming from the same guy who is cheering for a man who is opposite to all of these things!

It’s not called long-sighted GM... it is called selfishness!

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