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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Emergency Laws

Ever since the assassination of President Sadat in 1981 and the Egyptians live in what’s called the Emergency Laws. These laws were supposed to crack down on the terrorist cells and secure the Egyptians, but it didn’t happen as the Egyptians freedom became violated while the terrorists still blew things up. According to the Emergency laws; any cops could bust into your house and arrest you without a court order, protests and political demonstrations are banned; any cop could arrest you if he feels that you look suspicious enough and a lot of other violations to the basic human rights.

In the three parts TV interview, President Hosni Mubarak, has defended the emergency laws, saying they are used only for combating terrorism and drug trafficking. “Without the Emergency laws terrorism would’ve destroyed Egypt” Mubarak said.

The government tried to convince us that the recent events were individualist and not group planned but no one is buying it. Many Egyptians sacrificed their freedom for security but where did it lead us… back again to zero point… where three terrorist attacks took place in three weeks. The government is trying to throw all the blame on the people’s frustration at the current events, i.e, the Palestinian conflict and the occupation of Iraq. This might be true somehow but the main blame is on the people’s frustration at what’s happening internally. Oppressions and human right violations… innocents are being tortured and thrown into jail. If Wahabbis and other Islamists are brainwashing the people, the government is giving them a reason to be brainwashed. After the Taba bombing, 2000 people were rounded up as suspects by the government and of course after series of torture, they found most of them innocent and sent back home to become potential terrorists in order to have their retaliation.

The influence of Islamists/Wahabbis is getting stronger nowadays, when people lose faith in their country, they find refuge in God, but unfortunately people lost faith in the people of God here as they have reputation of being a government culprits (most of them anyway). So they become attracted towards alien teachings like Wahabbism, Salafism etc. A sight that scared the shit out of me lately, I was visiting a friend of mine in the Nasr City district of Cairo, he’s living near a mosque where I found a long queue of bearded people wearing Taliban style of clothing coming out of that mosque that is ironically named Kabul. Near the mosque walls there is another line of Niqab (veil covering from head to toes except the eyes) wearing women (that we like to call the Ninja turtles), and these women are selling books, tapes, CD’s and videos of Wahabbi and Salafist ideology... these materials are illegal, imported from Saudi Arabia/Pakistan or printed locally in underground presses. They are illegal because any Islamic material must be approved by the Al Azhar Islamic Research Center... so where’s the Emergency law when you really need it to confiscate these stuff.

Emergency laws failed us and the government is suffocating us.

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