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Sunday, May 15, 2005

The Referendum

A date was set for the referendum on the amendment of article 76, the date is Wednesday the 25th of May from 8 am till 7pm. The ministry of Interior declared the public rules for organizing the referendum. 32.5 Million (voting age) Egyptians have the right to vote. The were be a full judicial supervision over the 329 public voting offices and 54000 subsidiary voting offices (I don’t know how the hell they are gonna supervise it). You have to have an Elections card (voter registration card) and ID card in order to vote.

Some of the oppositions are still flip-flopping regarding the boycott of the referendum, while the Kefaya movement are boycotting for sure. I’m against boycotting the referendum, it’s stupid thing to do, if the voting gets rigged at least you were there to witness and make a scene, so all the international communities can listen to your complaints. Well, I was having these mixed feelings about the amendment text, but after considering it, it may come as surprise to many of you that I will vote ‘yes’, (if I will go to vote aslan) briefly my reasons are, individuals are the gateway for the Muslims Brotherhood into the ruling circles and I would rather have Mubarak for another 100 years than to see this happen. We need few more years of fair political parties activism before we can make it easier for individuals to participate... we are not ready for this stage yet. Sorry, but think of it carefully and you will see that it makes sense!

And since Highlander raised an issue about Mubarak and the Muslims Brotherhood collaborating together... my next post will be about the Muslims Brotherhood and why I don’t want them to become a legitimate political party.

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