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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Reply to Solomon 2

Recently browsing through some of the the old comments, I found a comment placed a while ado by a guy called Solomon2 on ?Foul language and religious harmony...? post that I missed out somehow and it really pissed me off after I read it (possibly it was intended to) I don't usually do this in order not to scare people, but since I'm in my boredom mood right now I decided to reply, dedicating it an entire post.

"Magdee, maybe your father wouldn't punish you, but I would!"

What is that??? Do you go punishing strange adults for living or did you woke up one day cross-dressed as "Judge Judy" or something? Or maybe you just have fetish for punishing Egyptian males... sorry to disappoint you , but I don't swing that way.
Hey, I don't know if you realize this or not but you're not really King Solomon.

Perfect justice is impossible, of course. Paying some sort of fine to the fellow you hit in addition to his medical bills might be appropriate in America, but usually teaches little to the perpetrator. (Besides, the guy had no excuse for going the wrong way, did he?)

Maybe you didn't realize that I don't live in America, and what works for you there may not work for me here, so please don't ever mention to me what's appropriate or not in America or doing any comparison. As people like you don't understand shit about the cultural differences concept. But if it mentally helps you, go ahead and write to your congressmen and ask them for stricter laws. And yes the guy had no excuse going the wrong lane except that he's a lazy asshole!

"IMO, the socially useful purpose of a just punishment is to change the outlook of perpetrator, so he understands his error and is no longer motivated to repeat it -- in other words, to strengthen his weaknesses. You have a hot temper, and act on it!"

I have a bad temper, I admit that but I know how to control it and it only appears against stupid people. But please enlighten me, what are you going to do in a similar situation? If a guy a calls you a "faggot", "son of a dog" and slaps your fac. Are you going to turn the other cheek? Or are you going to pray to God for a swift justice and ask for a lighting from heaven to strike him down?

"Perhaps the root cause is a lack of instinctive compassion for others"

Okay, I noticed in your phrase you managed to leave out the word "your" which is good for you, because I won't be saying that your accusing me of lacking instinctive compassion for others. And I won't be saying that you don't know me or know my actions so it's wrong and stupid to reach out for such an assumption!
But what I'm gonna say is that such statement coming out from a man who supports wars (yeah I read your blog) that kills thousands of innocent people on its course... is an utter indication of your hypocrisy. And don't give your right-wing rants about war of justice and war for freedom bullshit because a war is a war in the end.

If I was your Dad, I might send you to work as a volunteer in a poor hospital in a violent section of the city. You would toil for little or nothing, washing laundry, fetching bandages, changing bedpans, and so on.

Are you fantasizing about being my dad or what? Man, if you were my dad, I'd be suing you for all your money accusing you of senility. But seriously, if you have a 26 years old son and you sent him to work in a hospital as a punishment and he accepts it, you might as well want to send him to a mental institution.

"In the course of your labors, you would certainly see people suffering because they were victims of someone with a stronger fist or bigger car. And for some, perhaps most, of these people, you will look at their face and eyes and expression and know, instinctively, that they are sufferring not only unjustly, but as entirely innocent victims of power wielded beyond their control or ken."

DUDE, what have you been smoking? You managed to portray a simple car accident and a street fight, into the epical melodrama of victims suffered on the hands of MaGdee. I'm not taking anything for granted here in case you didn't read, I wanted to apologize to the guy and offer him compensation for his damages before he assualted me. So, hold your horses grandpa... what kinda suffering are you talking about? A man double my size whom I knocked him out for slapping me or young children dying and injured from airstirkes. Maybe you should take up on your own advice and volunteer in the Red Cross and learn about the horrors of wars (that you're so fond of on your blog) and look in the children faces and eyes. Before you write this pro-war crap your write on your blog! Frankly, this "innocent-Crusader" persona is so damn passé and it doesn't fit you at all!

"Maybe you will be moved by such an experience. And maybe after that your first instinct upon receiving an insult from someone in the street WON'T be to smash his face with your fist."

And maybe you will learn from this experience (reply) is to improve your reading skills before spouting out some crap, because you will notice in my post that I didn't punch the guy except after he slapped me hard. Which is considered ( according to your American laws that you like to brag about in every comment that you make) as a self-defense, since he resorted to physical contact, right?

Best Regards

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