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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Thou Shalt not Fast

When I started fasting in Ramadan for the first time in my life (that was four years ago), I didn’t mind having people around me eating, drinking, smoking or even having sex. As during college days, I used to smoke and drink intentionally in front of people all the time while they’re fasting... and it was kinda like trying to “pick up a fight” attitude with someone who is fasting (yes I was insane) but no one came and confronted me except for the few dirty looks that I received. But there are some people who would make it a matter of life or death, in case they see someone in front of them who is eating or drinking something! I don't know what's the big deal with fasting? It's so fucking easy... especially for people who sit on their asses behind desks and their work demands less physical power (mmm... like myself), my one and only problem with fasting is that I can't smoke but I manage to survive till breakfast... but I just hate to see whiners from this group who constantly complain from the burden of fasting.

A certain colleague of mine "F" is not from the whiners group but he's from the religious police group. He appointed himself a watchdog over of the non-fasting Muslims in the company. If someone smokes a cigarette or something "F" will hunt him down and won't leave him alone without 15 minutes lecture on the benefits of fasting where he might even shout and curse at him. "F" victims became in numbers and most of his victims were the female colleagues, he keeps preaching them not to wear makeup and he even reached the audacity of asking them to wear a veil during the holy month! F is more of subordinate than a colleague to me, I'm responsible of his department, so I directly received a number of complains from his victims, who can't confront him fearing that he wouls lash out on them. F hates my guts because few months ago, I nearly got him fired over a case of slippers... yep, I found him wearing a "zanouba" slipper (sockless) during work hours and when I asked him "WTF?", he replied by saying that it would be time-saving for him to wear slippers when he go for the prayer wash... of course his provocative reply made me notify the administration that he repeatedly breaks the dress code with his eyesore (and also nose-sore) slippers.

I thought that any new confrontation with F would result in two outcomes, either him being fired (and I won't do that to anyone especially during Ramadan), or me being arrested after breaking his neck. So, I needed to give Mr. F a reality check without any direct confrontation and make him stop his wahabbi police antics. I already talked to the BOD explaining about Mr. F hostile behavior towards his colleagues, and I demanded that he should be verbally and literally warned or threatened without firing him. They probably squeezed him so much because when I pumped into him today near the elevator and the wrath of Allah was on his face. He knew it was me, so he approached and told me in a very quiet tone "We are Muslims and brothers, and we're both fasting, so why did you do this?"�. So, I replied bu " Fasting and being a Muslim has nothing to do with respecting other people privacy and lives... if you demand respect than show some to your collegues... balash bedan 3al khal2... now go away".

F's type is dime a dozen in our Egyptian society, with the rising power of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists in the universities... MB thugs are stopping people who feel they are not-fasting and question their motives!!, they also ask people for their I.D's to check if they are Muslims or not (a big a7a). They are building a vigilante religious police step by step inside our communities, whether inside syndicates, universities, or schools, and they are working directly under the nose of our pathetic government!

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