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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Very Moving TV ad

Today I was invited to iftar at my brother's house, and as usual after a heavy iftar we sit down with our exploding stomachs, feeling lazy and watch TV. We were watching some crap on MBC and suddenly a TV ad for the Saudi Cancer Society is running (the link is for the society and not the ad). It's not like the pitiful and annoying Tarek Nour's ads of the Children Cancer hospital, you know the hospital that they've been trying to build for five years using it's cause to beg for money and in the meantime the costs of making all these advertisements would've built six of these hospitals.

Anyway, the Saudi ad as I said is very different, it's elegantly shot and made into a little drama of a Saudi gentleman and his little daughter who suffers from cancer. What was really moving in this ad was the song, it was sang angelically by a little girl and the music and the classical Arabic lyrics were incredibly touching! I was mesmerized into watching... I started shaking my head a bit and I started tearing up a little bit... trying to hold it back because I didn't won't my brother to notice. Then I looked at my brother his eyes were reddish and teary and then he looked back to me and he had this look "What the hell is happening? Why are we crying?". Then I let my tears go until the ad was over, so I told my brother in a gushy tone "something is wrong we need therapy or something" my brother responded "the song is very moving... whoever wrote this needs an award". He quickly throw a tissue to me and told me to shape up, we returned to our macho mode because the wives were coming... but we couldn't handle it we told them about the incident, of course they laughed and made fun, but wait till they see it the will weep their eyes out I'm sure.

I was surprised because normally I'm not that very emotional person, on the contrary I'm quiet the "cold-heated bastard" as some of my close friends love to call me. So, my question to anyone who watched this ad... is it really moving or there's something wrong with me?

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