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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Who you gonna vote?


Yesterday, I saw my father gathering support for his favorite candidates in the parliamentary election Dr. Hossam Badrawi (the NDP candidate). My dad asked me to gather some of my friends and co-workers to go and vote Badrawi and Abdel-Aziz Mostafa (another NDP candidate), "hell no" I shouted, which was the only polite reply I could think of. "So, you're not going vote?" my father asked... "oh yeah" was my reply.

My reason for not being so keen on these elections is that the only competition available is between the NDP candidates and the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Gamal Abdel-Salam. Abdel-Salam, in one of his campaigns said that he wanted to break ties with Israel and the USA and also to ban beauty contests and musical video clips. (okay!!)

The other potential candidate is feminist and socialist writer, Fatheya El-Assal, who is still fighting imperialism and capitalism in Egypt!!! Now, honestly, she would have been a good liberal choice for me since she is a member of the National Front for Change but seriously I can't get past her extreme Marxist rants. It gives me the creeps.

Qasr El-Nil area is missing a Nasserite candidate and the freak show would've been complete. So, between corrupt NDP candidates, the anti-freedom Brotherhood and a Marxist... am I supposed to vote for any of these?

7aga khara... I better leave this country!

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