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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Why bloggers should support Karim's release

This topic had been the center of attention of the Egyptian blogosphere for the last few days but I just knew about it through an email. I'm late as always, but in case you're living in a different world just like myself. Here's the scoop, a blogger called Abdel-Karim Seliman was detained by the Egyptian amn el-dawla "National security" thugs.

First of all, I never heard of Abdel-Karim before this particular incident. But when I got to read his article which (probably) got him arrested, I felt disgusted and I almost puked before finishing it off. As, I'm not really interested in those unprofessional "attacking religions" dialogues and "my religion is good yours is poop" kind of nit-picking stuff because they are shallow, they lack in objectivity and create a lot of unnecessary fuss. Karim's article about Moharem Bek protests was a childish anger outburst, that lacked both civility and meaningness just like the incident itself. Which makes me wonder how did it qualify as a civic dialogue, which is the name of the website that posted this article. Also Karim paid the price of being bravely stupid by posting his picture, address, cellular number on the same website. It's like an open invitaion for aml el-dawla (Nation Po-"lice") to arrest him or maybe he's just retarded (look at his pic) and he thought by this way he could achieve fame or maybe the re-election of Mubarak created a death wish inside of him.

Secondly, the Freedom of speech is a non-compromiseable and undisputed right. Everybody is allowed to say whatever he wants and at the same time he/she should take full responsibility for his words. For example, if the speech was found hate inciting, people or organizations have the right to react and sue his ass or just refute it in another article. But this kind of "Moral Panics" that hits the government every time something out of the usual happens in this country is unacceptable. This Gestapo style of the government enforcers held in the name of the "Emergency Laws" should stop right now.

Reagarding the anger of some of the fellow Muslim bloggers, faith is a personal thing and thus part of our identity, therefore insulting someone religion is like directly insulting him. Bottom-line, this guy disrespects Muslims by generalizing them in this way. He cussed Islam and the Prophet and he also described us as "cattle". Thus Muslims have every right to feel angry and despised. But there are civilized ways to turn our anger into, like... through refuting his posts or by civil suits and for the religious ones by privately praying for either his "salvation" or his burning in hell. BUT no one deserves what happened to this guy, although we are not sure what really happened to him but anything that involves amn el-dawla is far away from good. And you can trust me on that, judging from my own personal experience with these thugs at a very young age. They are merciless even with kids.

So, leaving our emotions behind, let me sum up to you why we should support Karim in his ordeal, in the following points:-

* Freedom of Speech right is non-compromiseable... it's all or nothing but all.
* Only civic ways should be used to hold him liable to his words, if it was categorized as a hate speech.
* Also if he really pissed you off by his words, you have the choice to tell him that through comments and emails or simply click the X in the top right corner of your browser like I did!
* Nation Security methods of arresting and interrogations are barbaric. Karim next 15 days (the interrogation detention period which is renewable) are going to be intolerable to any human.
* This angry guy is only 21 years old.
* Don't create an anti-Islamic martyr out of him, just like our stupid government did. The Islamophobes just love this kind of stuff and they are just waiting for such an opportunity.

Release Blogger AbdAlKarim Soliman Detained by Egyptian SS Police

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