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Friday, December 30, 2005

Cairo Massacre

The Egyptian police decided to unleash its familiar ugly face on the poor Sudanese refugees. The refugees have been camping inside a park in the upscale district of Mohandseen since September as a protest against the UNHCR refusal to consider them for refugee status. They don't want to return to Sudand or resettle in Egypt but instead in a third country like the US, Britain or Australia. After more than 3 months the police decided to take action to dismantle the camp by firing water cannons on them at this chilly weather, when the refugees hold foot... 2000 riot police attacked the camp beating the refugees with batons. Ten Sudanese, including elderly people and children, were killed and dozens wounded. 30 were wounded from the Egyptian police.

The Ministry of Interior are trying to blame the "unarmed" protestors for sparking the violence against the 2000 riot police (a7a). Meanwhile, the blame should be equally distributed on the "shocked" UNHCR for leaving these protestors in unhealthy conditions more than 3 months without looking at their demands and the Ministry of Brutality for using it's common techniques to deal with any problems they face. As if we didn't have enough reasons to demand the resignation of the Minister of Interior Habib El-Adly!

There's a protest tomorrow noon against this massacre, in El-Mohandseen, Mustafa Mahmoud Sq. in front of the UNHCR office.

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